Cinque Terre - Riviera di Levante - First sunbathing

First sunbathing in the Cinque Terre and the Levant with reservations that start coming in now after a first half of April on the sly. And 'This is the air you breathe in the coasts of the Riviera of La Spezia, Cinque Terre included.
Last season, no doubt, was affected drastically by the bad weather that hit on many weekends, but the lifeline remain foreign guests arriving on the Ligurian coast thanks to trips booked well in advance.

The journey of CDS, the discovery of the tourist season to come, continue tapping the towns of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Levanto, Bonassola and Deiva Marina.
The view of the tourist season in costs does not stray far from what reported in the previous episode, in which CDS analyzed the flow of tourists in the provincial capital, Lerici and Porto Venere. After a difficult beginning of April, with declines of nearly 30 percent, the tourists begin to arrive.
Are European tourists, that at this time, save the season and nationalities are more loyal the French, Swiss and German. This time of year is in high demand the use of trails but, with the Way of Love shut, are forced to deal with different areas and demanding trails.
Of Italians if they see a few around because, as usual, is the summer season favorite by his countrymen to enjoy the area of ​​La Spezia.

From Riomaggiore, Stefania Hotel Zorza explains: "April is decidedly understated and started with the bridges work better. For the month of May we have already booked some weekend, and our guests are mostly foreigners. By the Way of Love closed propose to guests of alternative paths, but are much more challenging. "

Simona Hotel Gianni Vernazza explains: "The difference is noticeable, especially at the beginning of the month in May, although we are confident that things will improve given the reservations. Our guests, as always in this period are mainly foreigners, Italians expect in the coming months. "

A Levanto, the season began with a few weeks in advance. This is confirmed by the operators at the Hotel Carla: "I ask a lot of tourists visit the Cinque Terre and Levanto use 'as a basis' for the closeness and comfort. Visitors are mainly from Europe, even if you begin to get some American couple. Bad weather, however, has strongly penalized the season. With the problems on the trails of the Cinque Terre offer guests tours are always different even with the opportunity to visit the Tigullio. Since the beginning of April to the first group are now arriving and some new arrival, which we expect to May. "

A Bonassola some structures have just opened, others open only on weekends. The season here proceeds at a rate slower than the other villages and the first group are expected after April 20.

Finally, from Deiva Marina, Giulia Hotel Clelia is confident that things will improve from 25 April. "April is started quietly and tourists - mainly Swiss and French - ask to visit the trails. In May, the situation should improve, even if the conditions of the trails in the Cinque Terre create problems. This still remains the favorite season by foreigners. "

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