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My name is Loredana and I am a licensed tourist guide.

I raised and live in Sestri Levante, in the Italian Riviera, a beautiful town right between Portofino and Cinque Terre.

I studied Foreign Languages and have a deep passion for art, history and architecture.

I’ve travelled a lot and started to work in the tourism field very soon, since I was a student.

My first experience as a tour leader started in 1990 when I spent one year of my life in Greece leading groups throughout this wonderful country.

After many tours all over the world, I decide to become a local guide and to live where I was born.

Since 1994 I am a professional authorized local guide.

I’ve been working for the most important International Tour Operators, Ship Cruises Companies and many big and small groups, journalists and VIP.


I have a deep passion for my job and for my region and my aim is leading people to discover the secrets of my region (Cinque Terre, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa, Camogli, Sestri Levante, Portovenere etc) .

My tours are always a perfect mix of knowledge, culture, fun, laugh, care of details, professionalism, flexibility and passion, passion and more passion.
My specialty is taking care of each small detail and help people to be relaxed, sure to be in good hands!

I live near Sestri Levante in the Italian Riviera, near Cinque Terre and Portofino and I am a typical italian mum :-) of a 15 years old son, Andrea (Andrew) my love!!

I like dogs and cats (I had a yellow labrador, Archibald and now three cats: Andreino, Stan and Anita) and I have several hobbies: travel, music, art, theatre, yoga,

cooking, reading books, psicology, gardening and first of all people, people and people.

Thank to my wonderful job, I have the opportunity to meet people coming from all over the world and I love sharing with them emotions and experiences:  the result is a magic day full of good energies.


 Everyday is a new good one, to remember and to let remember forever!



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