Tour 10029 - Private Tour from Livorno to Siena and San Gimignano by Minivan















Shore Excursion - Private Tour from Livorno Pier to Siena and San Gimignano by Minivan




Partecipants : max 10 Pax


  • Tour length: 9 hours

  • Pick up - drop off location: at your ship in the Livorno Port

  • Pick up time (suggested): 8.00am (according to your ship schedule)

  • Drop off at 5.00 p.m.

  • Luxury air conditioned vehicle

  • Professional English speaking Driver

  • Wine Tasting


  • Meals and drinks

  • Entrance fees, if required - unless otherwise specified


Tour Duration: 9Hrs

Travel Time: 4 Hrs

Sightseeing Time: 5 Hrs


San Gimignano and its tower
Piazza del Campo, the square of the Palio
Cathedral of Siena

The Paneretta Castle




Your driver will pick you up directly at your ship in Livorno and after a 75 min driving through the Tuscan countryside you will reach San Gimignano .


San Gimignano


Visit of the village 60 min.

San Gimignano rises on a hill (334m high) dominating the Elsa Valley with its towers which date back to the 11 century.

The cultural and natural patrimonies have been recognized by UNESCO, but even more impressive is the medieval skyline made up of towers and the views from above and below them. The town increased in wealth and developed greatly during the middle Ages thanks to the "Via Francigena" the trading and pilgrim's route that crossed it. Such prosperity lead to the flourishing of works of art to adorn the churches and monasteries. On 8 May 1300 Dante Alighieri came to San Gimignano as the Ambassador of the Guelph League in Tuscany. In 1348 San Gimignano's population was drastically reduced by the Black Death Plague throwing the city into a serious crisis which eventually led to its submission to Florence in 1353. In the following centuries San Gimignano overcame its decline and isolation when it's beauty and cultural importance, together with its agricultural heritage, was rediscovered. Once in San Gimignano, other than admiring the famous towers, you can also see the "Duomo" or Collegiate Church, the "Palazzo del Popolo", the "Palazzo Nuovo del Podestà" (which is now the town hall), S. Agostino Church, the Museum of Holy Relics, and the infamous Museum of Torture, which displays early instruments of torture and reminds everyone that cruelty and violence existed even way back then.

Take your Minivan and after a 20 min drive, you'll arrive in Paneretta Castle to have your

Wine Tasting


The Paneretta castle is situated in the Chianti Classico area on the western slopes of

the dominating hills of the Elsa valley,  looking towards San Gimignano. It was built around an ancient sighting tower. The morning after the battle from Montaperti, the “Ghibellini” ordered to leave the castle of Cepparello in 1260. This place was an important suburb and fortress of this area. So the sighting tower becomes bigger and reaches its importance. The first owners of the castle were the family Vettori, the last heir, Maddalena, brought it as  dowry to her wedding with Ludovico Capponi in 1577. 


The couple restored the castle completely and commissioned Bernardino Poccetti, important manner painter, to fresco the loggia of the court. In this era the Paneretta became a place of passing by for painters and poets, one of those, Gerolamo Muzio, dedicated a poem to the castle and remained here until his death. Also the production of wine is documented  from 1596 on. In 1696, Cassandra Capponi brought  the castle an important collection of codex’s parchments and books into her marriage with the Marchese Carlo Riccardi Strozzi. This collection formed the nucleus of the Riccardian library in Florence. The Strozzi family remained owner of the castle until 1984, in this year, the family Albisetti  took over. With its 309 hectares (majority wood) the Paneretta is one of the biggest farms of the area, producing 900 hectolitres of wine from 26 hectares of vineyards.


After your Wine Tasting take your Minivan to reach Siena after a 40 min drive, through the Tuscan Countryside


Lunch at Leisure in Siena


Here you'll have the chance to taste a true Tuscany meal in a typical trattoria.


Draped on its three hills, Siena is a very beautiful city to visit, a flamboyant medieval ensemble of places and towers cast in warm, brown, Siena-coloured bricks. It's soaring skyline is it's pride, dominated by the gothic cathedral (Duomo is one of the most spectacular in Italy and one of the few to have been built south of the Alps in full gothic style) and the taut needle of the Torre del Mangia and yet the shell shaped Piazza del Campo, probably captures the most attention and fame. It has been seen in films, photographs, and advertising campaigns. The bricks cover the sweetly sloping land underneath and are witness to many events in history, but the most intriguing is the "Palio" horserace, one of the most important things in the life of a Siena native. In the piazza on 2 July and 16 August there is a bareback horse race that was first recorded in 1283, but may have had its origins in Roman military training. On those days mayhem takes over this small town and non-natives can observe local patriotism at its best and worst. Any and everything will be done passionately to bring home the prize.

The prize is the "Palio", a banner to be shown off with pride for the whole neighbourhood it represents. At the end you will drive back to Livorno pier on perfect time to reboard your ship.

Siena is a town rich in art and monuments like the Church of San Domenico also known as Basilica Cateriniana with the relics of Santa Caterina one of the two patron saints of Italy and at Fonte Branda that was one of the city's principal sources of water in the Middle Ages;


Visit of the town 90 Min.


After visiting the town you'll return to Livorno Pier.